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At JH Elevators Ltd, we provide a broad variety of custom made and designed signs aimed at the construction sector, including specialised signage for elevators and escalators, with the assistance of our sister company JH Signage Ltd.

You can find a variety of conventional signage on the JH Signage Ltd. online store, or we can assist you if you need custom lift signage to showcase your brand better. We can do all of this and more. Our custom-created signs for elevator signage are second to none. Any of the products in the collection can be manufactured on various materials ranging from easy-to-apply self-adhesive vinyl to rigid materials such as: PVC plastics, aluminum composites, engraving laminates, and so on. You have the ultimate choice when it comes to exactly how your lift signage will look.

Lift Safety Signage

Elevator safety

Elevator safety is critical for keeping buildings and workplaces safe from accidents. Elevators are so common in the contemporary workplace that it's easy to overlook the hazards they pose. Right signage will remind employees of important elevator safety information or simply notify the visitors.

When it comes down to the basics, lift signage is a vital necessity that should not and cannot be forgotten. When you have a specialist company such as JH Signage Ltd. to help you find or create the appropriate signage for your building, you know you are doing whatever you need to be professional and to be in line with regulations and legislation. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you.