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Lifts and escalators play an essential role in virtually every major building construction or refurbishment project.

This means lift and escalator protection has to be something you consider when weighing up the costs and requirements of your project. Elevators and escalators are costly investments, so it is critical to keep them in excellent working order. As technology advances, incorporating displays and interfaces to engage passengers on their trip as well as other high-tech innovations, this means the need to safeguard these precious assets grows. With more involved, there is more that can potentially go wrong.

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Unique three-layer composite

At JH Elevators Ltd, we have designed and patented a unique three-layer composite that provides all-around protection for elevator, escalator, turnstiles, architraves and landing doors during CTU (construction time use). The protection we provide is manufactured off-site to meet the specific needs of our customers. It is bright, durable, engaging and lightweight, which reduces wear and tear on the lift mechanisms and interiors when in CTU. Our protection is class 1 fireproof, which is critical for ensuring that site safety requirements are followed. Installation of the protection is a quick procedure that may be completed by semi-skilled labour with little downtime.

With our exclusive lift protection, we ensure that your elevator is protected during all stages of building works. Our unique product has been used in many of London’s iconic buildings such as Crossrail, South Quay Plaza, 100 Bishopsgate, Saint Marys Axe, Woodwharf and 25 North Colonnade to safeguard elevators in tasks ranging from carrying large objects to transferring heavy equipment between floors.

Strong reputation on quality

At JH Elevators Ltd, we have established our strong reputation on quality, affordability, service, and timeliness, ensuring that you receive a premium experience without paying an exorbitant price.

Our lift protection is custom-made for your elevator to ensure a perfect fit. You will feel much more at ease as long as you have the security and peace of mind knowing that your investment is secure. JH Elevators Ltd offer our clients a full service including site survey, design from your drawings, manufacture (off-site), delivery and installation during regular or out-of hours.

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