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JH Elevators Ltd has been providing elevators and lifts manufacturers with exclusive support services for over three decades. Through the years, we have supported projects in a wide range of industries, gaining the trust and respect of our clients.

After working with world-renowned companies such as Kone, Mitsubishi and Otis and leaders in the lift manufacturing industry, today, we are able to put our extensive experience at your service. From on-site logistics and installations to light fabrications, on-site management and lift car protection. We can provide tailored service packages that fit the specific needs of your project.

At JH Elevators Ltd, we do all this while upholding our core values of integrity, diversity, quality, safety, trust, and honesty.

Bespoke JH Elevators Ltd metal fabrication services

Lifts and escalators are at the centre of any large development or refurbishment project. Finding the right supplier to get the best metal fabrications and design is essential.

Here at JH Elevators Ltd, we take pride in our metal fabrication. We assist our clients with various issues on site including design of bespoke parts for various types of projects. Whether you are just renovating or repairing an existing elevator or you need brand new, bespoke models for a development site, our team can help with tailored solutions.

Here are a few reasons to choose JH Elevators for your elevator metal fabrication needs:

  • State-of-the-art, open protocol control systems
  • Long life expectancy and energy-efficient constructions
  • Compliant with the highest standards
  • Light Fabrication of lift components including shaft structures, guarding and division screens
  • On-site metal fabrication to offer you and your team immediate support when needed
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