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JH Elevators Ltd has more than 30 years of expertise in the major project area of lift installation. Working with industry leaders, we are able to offer you one-of-a-kind assistance in the installation of lifts and escalators in large commercial and residential projects. JH Elevators Ltd is a reputable subcontractor that has carried out lift installations in some of the most prominent projects in the UK for Tier 1 customers. Our NVQ3 certified experts are capable of handling numerous installations across different locations at the same time.

JH Elevators Ltd provides a wide variety of lift and escalator installation services, from complete installations to site management. From idea to completion, our team of specialists is there to assist with every element of the project.

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Installation of lifts and escalators

Unrivaled expertise in analysing construction programmes, schematics, technical drawings, requirements, and work schedules guarantees that we examine all elements of the installation from the beginning to the end, meaning the elevator installation procedure with JH Elevators Ltd is a simple one. To guarantee continuity and customer satisfaction, we have the ability to execute various work-streams and lift and escalator installations across multiple locations at the same time.

We realise that when a customer chooses their preferred lift manufacturer, they make a substantial investment. Your installation subcontractor must have the depth of expertise and ability to guarantee a return on investment and they must carry out the installation to the highest quality standards. This is something that JH Elevators can help with.

Your lift requirements

Our lift installation procedure is to listen to your particular demands to guarantee that the lift is built around them. Our complete service will guarantee that your elevator is installed to suit the requirements of your visitors, employees, and customers as well as your energy efficiency goals, whether for one level or several floors, conventional or cutting-edge design. Or perhaps it's escalator installation you're looking for; at JH Elevators Ltd, we can help with this too. Simply ask for our advice and plans, give us the escalator installation details, and we can provide you the qualified expertise you're looking for.

Types of lifts

Our company has a vast range of experience installing various different types of lifts including both traction and hydraulic, from substantial commercial requirements to goods lifts and more. These include but are not limited to:

  • Passenger lifts – a diverse selection for every industry, including residential, offices, hospitals, hotels, retail outlets and shopping centres, public buildings, and much more.
  • Goods lifts – the elevators installation procedure for these high-performance items must be carried out by experts such as JH Elevators Ltd. Only sturdy and heavy-duty lifts and goods-passenger lifts are available.

We offer the safety and dependability

We install lifts that offer the safety and dependability you'd expect from a major lift installer because we are able to provide installation crews with specialised knowledge, complete adherence to the most recent safety and accessibility requirements, long-term dependability, skilled and educated staff can provide professional advice on the best elevator installation for your facilities depending on location, size, and anticipated traffic density, and, of course, highly competitive pricing. Contact us today to learn more about how we can work with you and your lift designers to create the perfect end result.